MCIS Life Malaysia Women Marathon 2020

Once again, we welcome women to celebrate International Women’s Day with the Malaysia Women’s Marathon. The date of Malaysia Women’s Marathon 2020 falls exactly on IWD and we are happy to be a part of the worldwide celebration that marks a special day for women all around the world.

MWM 2020’s theme United Nation Women Generation Equality
2020 is pivotal to gender equality. It will have been 25 th year since the Beijing declaration for a more gender equal world. Come join in the activities to know more about the celebration by UN Women as we make our theme in line with the UN Women.

Fund Raising for Malaysian Rare Disorders Society and Rare Diseases Alliance Foundation Malaysia
Grab the 400 complimentary slots that we are offering to charity runners. Please help the Malaysian Rare Disorders Society and Rare Diseases Alliance Foundation Malaysia by raising a minimum of RM 200 for that slot taken. Your registration will be entered into an individual link where you can keep track of the donation that are raised under your own platform.

Women Run Taipei 2020 Nagoya Women Marathon 2021
The Best Malaysian Half Marathon winner will represent MWM to Taipei Women Run 2021 and the Best Malaysian Full Marathon winner will represent us to Nagoya Women Marathon 2021.

We will be choosing 5 lucky participants of MWM 2020. We have two (2) return flight ticket and entry slot for Women Run Taipei 2020 two (2) Kinmen return flight ticket and entry slot for KinMen Marathon 2019; One (1) return flight ticket and entry slot for Nagoya Women Marathon 2021 to give away.

So hurry and register soon for a chance to receive this fantastic giveaway!!!

Date: 8th March 2020, Sunday
Time: 2:30am
Venue: Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Start Time: 2:30am
Cut Off Time: 6 hours 30 minutes

A Open 18 - 39 years old
B Veteran 40 years old and above
C Male Pacer 18 years old and above

Start Time: 4:30am
Cut Off Time: 3 hours 30 minutes

D Open 18 - 39 years old
E Veteran 40 years old and above
F Male Pacer 18 years old and above

Start Time: 6:45am
Cut Off Time: 2 hours

G Open 16 - 39 years old
H Veteran 40 years old and above
H1 Male Pacer 16 years old and above

Start Time: 7:00am
Cut Off Time: 1 hour

I Individual 16 years old and above
I1 Male Pacer 16 years old and above
J Children 5 - 15 years old
Malaysian & PR Status RM90
Pacers RM85
International Runners RM105

Malaysian & PR Status RM80
Pacers RM75
International Runners RM95

Malaysian & PR Status RM70
International Runners RM85

Malaysian & PR Status RM38
Children RM20

Please take note that we have a no exchange or size changes policy for tshirt sizes and design. Please choose carefully. Thank you.

Size XS S M L XL 2XL
Chest Width (cm) 41 43 46 48 51 53
Body Length (cm) 60 60.5 62 65 67 70

Size XS S M L XL 2XL
Chest Width (cm) 47 49 51 55 57 60
Body Length (cm) 64 66 69 71 74 76
Rank Veteran & Open Best Malaysian
1st RM2,000 Return flight and entry slot to Nagoya Women Marathon 2021 (T&C Applied)
2nd RM1,000 RM800 Value
3rd RM800 RM700 Value
4th RM700 RM600 Value
5th RM600 RM500 Value
6th-7th - RM300 Value
8th-10th - RM200 Value

Rank Veteran & Open Best Malaysian
1st RM1,000 Return flight and entry slot to We Run Taipei 2021 (T&C Applied)
2nd RM700 RM500 Value
3rd RM600 RM400 Value
4th RM500 RM300 Value
5th RM400 RM200 Value
6th-7th - RM150 Value
8th-10th - RM100 Value

Rank Veteran & Open Best Malaysian
1st RM800 RM500 Value
2nd RM700 RM400 Value
3rd RM600 RM300 Value
4th RM500 RM200 Value
5th RM400 RM100 Value
6th-8th - RM50 Value

Rank Veteran & Open
1st RM300 Value
2nd RM200 Value
3rd RM100 Value
Best Group 1st RM500 Value
Best Group 2nd RM400 Value
Best Group 3rd RM300 Value

  1. Organisation.-MWM 2020 is organised by Malaysia Women Marathon - IGM Sdn Bhd. (hereby known as the Organiser).
  2. All prospective Participants must complete an official MWM entry form in the online registration in order to participate in the race and is deemed to have agreed on the waiver of the organisers liability as stated in the online registration.
  3. Completion of the official MWM online registration including manual registration, confirms the Participant’s agreement to abide by all event Rules and Regulations.
  4. Registration for participation in the race is only confirmed upon the successful completion of the race entry form, entry fee payment and issuance of a race identification number.
  5. Participants must complete their registration details with true, accurate and current information.
  6. Inaccurate or incomplete information can be grounds for disqualification or barring from the event with no issuance of a refund.
  7. Participants must agree to receive contact from the event Organisers from time to time by email. Any notice sent by email by the organizer or the party so assigned by the Organisers to the supplied address on the registration form shall be deemed received by the Participant.
  8. Only Participants wearing the provided timing chip will be timed and included in the final race results.
  9. Each Participant is allowed only one prize-money award. (whichever is the higher). Eg If a Malaysian woman has won a top 6 position in both Women open and Malaysian Women, she has to opt to take one prize. 
  10. Transfer of bib registration is not allowed and any substitution of runners must be with the consent of the Organiser and they will not entitled to any prizes nor other entitlement and shall assume any risk at their own expenses.
  11. Abiding rules and regulation of the event and local laws. In addition to adhering to the event’s Rules and Regulations, Participants will be required to abide to all local laws and customs while participating in the event.
  12. Waiver for loss.  The Organiser will not be responsible for any loss and/or damage, personal or otherwise to the participants for any conditions in respect of the race and the organization of the event include all management of the event whether it be with respect to route logistic and etc.
  13. Indemnity against the Organiser. The participant shall indemnify any loss or damages that is suffered by the Organiser for any legal action taken against the Organiser by third party for any fault caused by the participants.
  14. Baggage deposit The Organiser also reserve the right to check any item or baggage deposited and shall not be held liable for any losses/damages due the deposit at the baggage drop center or any other area in the event.
  15. The Organiser reserve the right to modify or substitute any of these R&Rs and/or T&Cs from time to time as they deem fit If there is ambiguity in any of these provisions, the Organiser shall be the authority to interpret and in so doing, they will take into account the interests of all the affected Participants Any amendments to these R&Rs and/or T&Cs will be updated on the Official Website.
  16. Postpone on situation beyond control The Organiser reserve the right to cancel or postpone MWM 2020 at any time with or without prior notice to the Participant, in which case they will make reasonable effort to inform the Participant prior to the date of the event If the MWM 2019 has to be postponed, there shall be no refund of fees paid and the Organisers shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused.
  17. Amendment on routes The Organisers reserve the right to amend the Event race routes as they deem fit for the safety of the Participant and/or to prevent any potential hazards in the running of the event, at any time without prior notice to the Participant In such cases, every effort will be made to inform the Participant prior to the day date of the event The Organisers shall not be liable for any other loss or inconvenience caused due to such changes.
  18. Participant’s waiver on safety Whilst reasonable precaution will be taken by the Organisers to ensure the Participants’ safety, Participants take part in the event at their own risk and the Organisers will not be responsible or held liable for any injury or death howsoever arising from training for or during participation in Event Participants and/or their assigness or successor, upon registration hereby waived their rights to take any legal action or make any claims, whether or not arising from contract or negligence or under any laws or enactment or misunderstanding of the route by Participants, against Organiser for any loss, injury and damage pertaining to their participation in the Event.
  19. Participants are strongly encouraged to consult their medical practitioner prior to registration and before the actual race day.
  20. Items not allowed Pets, bicycles, in line skates, prams, push carts, shoes with built in or attached rollers and any other wheel run objects are not allowed on the race route for all categories.
  21. Safety medical
    Participants must be physically fit and in good health to complete their chosen race distance within the designated cutoff time
    • Participants are responsible for their own personal health insurance and wellbeing The event Organisers assume no responsibility for any injury or damage that occurs from training, during or as a result of the event Participants are encouraged to consult with their medical practitioner prior to the event.
    • Participants must retire from the race immediately if asked requested to do so by any member of the officials, medical personnel or security officers
  22. Participant information
    • By signing up for the MWM 2020 the Participants agree to grant the Organisers permission to collect, analyse or distribute any personal information regarding the event as they deem fit, including any races statistics and demographic information to be used for any future planning, data, research, marketing, and/or any other purpose.
    • The Organisers reserve the right to use any photographs, video, sound recordings, personal statements interviews or any other media from the MWM 2020 as they deem fit, including in future marketing and commercial advertising.
  23. Race Entry Pack collection
    • All Participants must collect their race entry pack during the designated Race entry pack collection time period, details of which are on the Venue so stipulated If Participants are unable to collect their race entry pack in person, another authorized person may do so for them upon informing the Organisers and/or the race registration online company via their email address.
    • Late collection will not be entertained, and the Organisers shall not be liable for any loss or inconvenience caused due to Participants’ inability to collect their Race Kit It is the sole responsibility of the Participant to collect their Race Kit during the collection period.
    • Uncollected Race Kits will be deemed as unwanted, and the Organisers shall be at liberty to dispose or re distribute them accordingly.
    • After registration, there will be no fee refund for Participants who do not eventually take part in the Event for any reasons whatsoever.
  24. Special Rules and Regulations for Charity Runners
    1. The participant shall fill the online form via the online registration site The participant hereby agree that the complimentary slot is a reward for themselves to run for a charity and raise money for the Malaysian Rare Disorders Society and Rare Diseases Alliance Foundation Malaysia.
    2. The complimentary slot is given to the participants with the obligation to raise a minimum of RM 200 for the society.
    3. Upon signing up as a category of Charity Runner, you are bound to source the intended donor ie to raise money for the society by seeking the donor to contribute towards the society’s funding project.
    4. Should the Charity runner not raise RM 200 for his/hers donation to the society, he must top up the balance to the said minimum amount.
    5. The Charity Runner will not be entitled to her/his running bib should she/he not fulfilled the conditions to raise RM 200 minimum and will not be entitled to the money collected which will go to the Society The donors will receive their tax exemption certificate for the donation.
    6. All collection will be given to the society They will issue the tax exemption only by 31st May 2020.
    7. The other rules and regulation will appy to the Charity runner too.
  1. What is is Malaysia Women Marathon 2020?
    A running event that celebrates International Women’s Day. It is the biggest women event in Malaysia. The Event Director will be IGM Sdn Bhd while the Race & Technical Director team will be handle by Puncak Ventures Sdn Bhd.
  2. When is MWM 2020?
    8th March 2020
  3. What are the distance categories are there?
    Full marathon - 42km
    Half Marathon - 21km
    5km fun run
  4. Where is the starting venue?
    The starting venue is Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya
  5. What is the start time?
    Full marathon 2:30am
    Half Marathon 4:30am
    10km 6:45am
    5km 7:00am
  6. Can Men run in the Malaysia Women Marathon?
    Yes but only in the following categories:
    1. They can run in the Full marathon (42km) and Half marathon (21km) categories as personal pacers for the woman pacee
    2. And the 3 km Individual adult with children
  7. What are the conditions for men to run?
    They are entitled to receive Medal, Event Tshirt , Finisher item (full marathon and half marathon), Timing chip (and a timing recorded), E certificate but will not be entitled to win prizes for their standing or position.

    They are not to run ahead of the woman pacer. They have to finish together with their pace. Should the man pacer finish ahead of the woman pacee , both gets disqualified.

    They do not need to wear a skirt sports, its not a mandatory even though many of the MWM previous years photos show.

    Their role as a personal pacer is to be an assistant to the woman pacee during her journey to complete the distance. Carry her energy gel if need be.
  8. What if the woman pacee runs faster?
    She can finish ahead of you as her timing chip time will inform so. She will however, have to wait for you at the finish line to collect the medal together. So you must not let her wait too long
  9. How can the male pacer register?
    If the man wants to run the full or half marathon in MWM. He has to look for his woman pacee . In most circumstances, the male pacer is a husband or a friend. Alternatively, it is the woman pacee who looks for a male pacer.
  10. Registration for Male Pacers
    1. Once the couple is ready, the woman has to register first to get her registration Id or her order number
    2. From this number, she shares her registration ID with the male pacer to use it for registration.
    3. There will be a tab that indicates the need to fill : An order number before the registration can go through
    4. for the 5km registration : The family register the details but the primary person’s details for the race kit collection will be under the mother’s name
  11. 5km Fun Run Children’s participant
    The children must run together with the family. Please ensure that the children are able to run 5km distance. Should they be tired halfway through the run, please stop or slow down. Children can participate under Category J and there is no age limit except their registration will be dependent on the registration ID of their parent. The maximum number each parent can sign up is 3. Please note we may not be able to cater for children tshirt sizes that are too small hence a lower registration fee .The parents/guardian must accompany the younger child all the time. Marshals will stop any child from running where there is no accompanying adult. Children above 16 years old and above may run the 5km and 10km on their own but their registration requires a consent from their parent. This is only open for Girls as this is a women’s event.
  12. Is the Tshirt design for the event tee different for men and women runners?
    There is color variation for the sleeves. The women’s tshirt cut will have a waistline cut Can the women choose the Men’s cut. Please note the men’s cut will be bigger. There will be other designs for MWM tshirt sold during the expo for the event.
  13. What must you bring for the race kit collection?
    Please print out the receipt order (confirmation slip with the barcode) sent in your email upon registration or download it on your phone. If you are collecting for another person please get a photocopy of their ID or passport so that you may collect on their behalf.
  14. Charity Runners Category
    1. From 2020 onwards there will be a Charity Runner category. This is category where the participants would like to run and raise money for the society that we will choose for a particular year
    2. MWM2020 has chosen The Malaysian Rare Disorders Society and Rare Diseases Alliance Foundation Malaysia.
    3. Charity runners do not have to pay for registration but there have to comply with the following conditions :
      1. Raise a minimum RM200 for the charity or more;
      2. Top up the amount to RM200 if the amount they raised did not reach RM200
    4. If these conditions are not fulfilled, the Charity runner will not be able to receive their runner bib
    5. Charity runners will have a separate page in the registration portal to track the amount that they have raised.

  1. How do I register?
    Go to or
  2. 18yo - 39year old Open category and 40yo and above Veteran category : Please register in the correct category.
  3. How would I know if my registration is completed?
    Successful registrations will receive confirmation in the following manner : Registration confirmation from and Payment confirmation
  4. Do I get a refund if I don’t participate after I have registered?
  5. Will I be entitled to the Medal should I not run the event after registration?
    No. You will not be entitled to the medal.
  6. Can I downgrade or upgrade the categories after I have registered?
    You can only do this with the consent of the organiser upon written request to them not later than 1 month prior to the event date. Please write to The discretion remains with the organiser whether or not to approve the request. No refunds will be made for any downgrade of categories and for upgrades you will be required to top the additional value.
  7. Can I change the size of my tshirt after registration?
    You can only do this within one month from your registration date but not later than one month prior to the event date AND upon a written request to the organiser to request for a change of the t shirt size. The discretion remains the organiser whether or not to allow the change.

  1. Venue : Padang Timur, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
    Date : 6-7th March 2020
    Objective : Collection of race bibs and entitlement
  2. Race Day Program : Please refer to for race info
  3. How early should I be at the venue for the start?
    We advise you to be at the venue at least 45minutes to start time.
  4. Is there a drop baggage center?
    The run at the start line venue. Stay tuned for emails from us or on our FB page.
  5. For Rules and Regulation
    Please refer to

Registration Closed

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